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The exterior of your home or business reflects a lot about you. A well-maintained landscape and lawn add tremendous value to your investment. It’s all about first impressions! Browder-Hite in Exmore, VA, is in the first-impressions business, and it shows!

General Residential & Commercial Services


You and our highly experienced designers will collaborate on your desired landscape. Providing full-scale landscape plans, on-site sketches, and practical guidance, we will install the entirety of your landscape — turning vision into reality.


We’ll protect your investment with regular manicuring and maintenance, ensuring you never become overwhelmed. Our plan will be tailored to your budget and specific requirements.

Turf Management

Our Chesapeake Bay region needs healthy turfgrass cover to prevent erosion and pollutants from entering the Bay, our creeks, and rivers. A healthy lawn prevents these risks. We specialize in traditional and organic lawn programs while maximizing the health of the turf.

Tree & Plant Care

We proactively protect trees, shrubs & ground covers from the most harmful pests while preparing detailed fertilizer and pruning programs to ensure they thrive, no matter the season.


Plants, like people, need water to live and thrive! We specialize in modern Rain Bird irrigation technology that saves water and ensures plants flourish.

All Rain Bird irrigation systems carry a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.

Pavers & Patio

Concrete and clay pavers can add a comfortable and elegant touch to any outdoor area. Whether you are picturing a dramatic driveway, pretty patio design, or a sleek small entryway and stoop, our expert professionals will make it happen.

Outdoor Lighting

The sight of your landscape illuminated in soft light after sunset… there’s nothing quite like it. From security to aesthetics, we guarantee high-quality work that will last.

Browder Hite proudly utilizes commercial grade Kichler landscape lighting products and all jobs come with a 10-year long warranties.


Browder-Hite offers a highly-knowledgeable, licensed team of professional chemical applicators who are happy to keep your landscape fertile. We can use either traditional or organic fertilizers. We also employ Integrated Pest Management to keep your yard free of unwanted critters and insects.


Whether it’s snowy and you need us for plowing and ice management, or you’re picturing a vegetable garden for spring, or it’s a big day and you need expert landscaping advice — we offer speciality seasonal services that will ensure your outdoor space shines no matter the time of year.

Irrigation Services & Installation in the Eastern Shore, VA

During our 18 years in business, we’ve helped hundreds of clients retrieve their valuable time and protect their landscape investments by installing automatic irrigation. Whether it’s repairs and maintenance or new installations, our experienced staff can help! While we utilize Rain Bird products for all new installations and repairs, we can service any brand (Toro, Weathermatic, Hunter, K-Rain, Orbit, Irritrol, ect).
Learn More About our Quality Irrigation Services

New irrigation installations can be scheduled for any time of year while routine maintenance is generally performed April-October. Upgrading your existing system is an economical way to extend its life. By installing new water-wise controllers and drip irrigation lines, your system can be given a fresh and modern update. Tired of going outside in the rain to turn off the controller? Browder-Hite can easily install rain sensors that automatically pause the clock for set periods of time. Call the Rain Bird factory-trained experts at Browder-Hite today!

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Estate Services

From the Appalachian mountains’ peaks to the shorelines of the Atlantic and Chesapeake, our beautiful Commonwealth provides beautiful landscapes and historic character. The Eastern Shore is noted for its historic homes and large acreage homesites. We have spent many hours maintaining and improvising large, estate sized landscapes. Call today to begin a conversation about options.


Seasonal color in beds, Christmas decor, special potted plants for a wedding- we offer these and more–just ask


With longtime services comes vast understanding of your land’s nuances and needs. Whether you need us to secure firewood, lock doors, complete yard work, or keep your wine cellar stocked, we strive to earn your satisfaction.


We value our clients as friends and partners. Long-term relationships are at the core of who we are. We are in this for the long run, and we would love to have you as a family member.

Specialty Services

When we say “full service”, we don’t just mean whacking weeds and installing plantlife. We offer services you might not have even thought of!

Annuals & Bulbs

A passion and specialty for our Director of Landscape Design, she infuses a special spirit to each floral display.

Water Management

Serving areas surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, tactical water management is essential. We can install and manage reliable systems and also design and install new drainage to limit erosion.


Historic techniques shouldn’t just live in the past! We partner with some of the best tradesmen of the East Coast to provide high-quality work. Taking advantage of modern methods, we are inspired by ancestry to create astonishing works of art that will live on.

Mitigation Plans

Adhering to the guidelines and regulations set by the Chesapeake Bay Act can be a burden. We’ll relieve that stress. Our Responsible Land Distributor will ensure your project is compliant and high-value.


Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Want to develop your green thumb? Trust us; we get it! We can lend a helping hand with design, lawn care, and landscape management consultations.

Have a specific specialty project in mind? Contact us so we can chat about it!

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